A Creative Board

Creativity runs throughout City Arts - from our participants and staff to the organisation's board. For this treat, City Arts' Vice-Chair Norman Randall shares some of his calligraphy works.

‘After the Luttrell Psalter’ - This enlarged extract (produced using gouache paints) in ‘Textura’ script from the Luttrell Psalter (original produced between 1325 – 1335) is cartoon-ish, especially as I included myself (twice!) in the illumination. My calligraphy teacher said it looked as though I was standing in a fire playing my mandocello – it’s supposed to be a sheaf of corn!

‘Fire and Ice’ Robert Frost’s poem (published in 1920) – I chose this as my first go at adding colour to a piece of calligraphy. I love the poem.

The Boar’s Head Carol – The script, drawn in gouache paint, is ‘Half Uncial’ with gloss in red. I was playing with the idea of a Celtic knot as the illumination. I produced this on brown textured paper to add a bit of heft to the piece. It’s an unusual carol to sing as it refers to a specific Christmas event at Queen’s College Oxford, though the Yule-tide boar was an already well-established custom from Saxon times. This version was first published in 1521 by Wynkyn de Worde (what a great name for a publisher!) and here it is again as one of the 40 treats nearly 500 years later!